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Creative Designers.

Why are we different? Every piece of graphic design that we create is intrinsically linked with our client’s strategic goals. From brand identity, infographics and brochures, to school prospectuses, magazines and presentations, our talented team of multimedia and graphic designers know what it takes to produce stunning work that nails the brief every time. Graphic design is not limited to designing websites.

The Design Process.

Social media influences society…and consumers

1. Understand the goal

Graphic design can be used to refer to a whole swathe of disciplines: web design, print based design, infographics, layout and much more. Whatever it is that our graphic designers are tasked to create, we must first know the goal. We pride ourselves on our ability to link everything we do with clear business or organisational goals.

2. Creating the designs

Whatever the task you can rest assured that our designers will immerse themselves in producing the very best possible designs. Using market leading tools such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Sketch, they will utilise all of their experience (and the wider team’s) to create something truly bespoke. Still using Quark? We don’t love it but if necessary we can adapt our process to suit your needs.

3. Proofing Designs

Design is subjective. That is why in any project we spend time asking questions and gathering as much information about the project before we start designing. Whilst we like to think that we hit the nail on the head first time, every time, it is natural that on occasion there are revisions to be made. Using online tools such as Trello and Invision we are able to keep open lines of communication so that the revision is stage is smooth and precise.

4. Delivery

Upon design sign off we are usually tasked with uploading the designs or organising the printing of said piece of collateral. We also like you to have ownership of your own designs. That is why we send the designs to you in PDF, .ai, vector or any other format you desire.

Our Clients.

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked on website designs in Lancashire and around the UK with incredible clients across a very diverse range of industries. This has given us the opportunity to really stretch our imaginations into new creative spaces and then push our technical skills to enhance the user experience. This has resulted in beautiful, bespoke projects that perfectly and uniquely represent the business of each of our clients.

Other Services.

Web design and development need to perform seamlessly as two halves of a perfect whole for the benefit of both users and search engines. Our web development team brings your vision to life with the functionality that your website needs to attract your target audience.

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