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Paid search marketing can be a powerful asset for business growth. You may be aiming to expand your audience over time or generate fast conversions as you grow your online presence. NK Digital Solutions creates results-driven PPC campaigns, with targets that reflect our clients’ long-term strategies.

Our team has hands-on experience using a variety of paid search platforms. These platforms range from Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) to Bing Ads and the Google Display Network. Our expert understanding of PPC channels means we can instantly begin growing your SERP presence.

Expert Knowledge.

We will conduct extensive research to identify your target audience. This helps us concentrate our efforts on consumers who are actively searching for your products or services. We can tailor campaigns to multiple demographics, and target prospective customers at varying places in the purchase cycle. This means your budget won’t be wasted on users who aren’t interested, or not ready to convert.

Active campaign management means no extra bulk or unnecessary costs. We will allocate your budget strategically and efficiently, to guarantee a strong return on investment. We employ industry-standard techniques and keep up to speed with new developments, so your campaign remains on the cutting-edge of paid search.

Our PPC Campaign.

Social media influences society…and consumers

1. Understanding Your Business

Every business has its ideal consumer in mind. We work with clients to create fully-realised buyer personas, which are then contextualised using in-depth competitor research. We go to great lengths to understand our clients’ place in the market. Our bespoke campaigns reflect our clients’ unique selling points. We will select high volume search queries that represent your products and services, and use them to craft engaging ad copy. Your ads will then be matched with specific pages on your website, creating a quick and effective user journey for your audience.

2. Setting the right budget

Setting a budget for pay per click marketing is a balancing act. Investing too little will limit your online presence, but investing too much will affect your profitability. We will consider the cost-per-click (CPC) of each keyword, as well as the value of your average lead. This helps us allocate your budget for maximum profitability.

3. Creating bespoke, high-quality ads

We craft compelling pay-per-click ads, that reflect our clients’ key USPs. These range from succinct text ads to display ads with high-quality visuals. We also create Google shopping ads to drive online purchases. Every ad we create will include a call to action, prompting users to engage with your website. Google Ads offers multiple ad extensions, providing shortcuts to key customer touchpoints. For instance, call extensions enable users to call your business directly. As well as this, location extensions can direct customers to your brick-and-mortar store. Google now even offers ad extensions for Uber, so your ads can now literally bring customers to your door!

4. A hands-on approach to PPC campaign management

Google Ads tracks campaign performance in real-time. Click-through rates and conversion data provide a foundation for effective campaign optimisation. We can also identify patterns and trends in user engagement, helping us set growth targets that are both attainable and measurable. Google Ads allows us to target locations and demographics to exact specifications. This ensures your ads will only be seen by relevant audiences. We can also use bid adjustments to assign your budget to certain days and times that see high rates of activity. These periods will be closely monitored, so we can keep a handle on costs. We will allocate your budget with the utmost precision, reducing acquisition costs for a strong ROI. Google Ads data gives us an overview of which search terms are driving clicks. Filtering out irrelevant queries or ‘negative keywords’ means that your budget won’t be wasted on unnecessary clicks.

5. Making the most of every opportunity

Users may be actively searching for your products or services, but be at different stages in the purchase funnel. A well-crafted ad plants the seed of your brand into the minds of your audience. We use PPC remarketing to target people who have shown an interest in your business. If someone has visited your website, Google Ads remarketing will show branded ads when they visit other websites on the Google Display network. At this point, they may be ready to convert, resulting in increased profits for your business.

Our Clients.

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked on website designs in Lancashire and around the UK with incredible clients across a very diverse range of industries. This has given us the opportunity to really stretch our imaginations into new creative spaces and then push our technical skills to enhance the user experience. This has resulted in beautiful, bespoke projects that perfectly and uniquely represent the business of each of our clients.

Other Services.

Web design and development need to perform seamlessly as two halves of a perfect whole for the benefit of both users and search engines. Our web development team brings your vision to life with the functionality that your website needs to attract your target audience.

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