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What is it?.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. We sum up social media marketing as word of mouth on steroids. It represents a seismic shift in the way the world communicates. Also known as SMO (social media optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) it is certainly not a fad and it’s not just for kids. Social media is transforming the way people interact with brands and the relationships they build with them.

NK Digital Solutions boosts brand awareness, through the most suitable social channels and communities for your business. This guides interested searchers to your website, and encourages them to share your content socially with other users.

Depending on your industry and company needs, we utilise a number of social channels to market your brand, including social news sites, as well as social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Process.

Our tried-and-tested social media marketing tactics will be tailored to your company’s needs. Because your business is unique, the social strategy we put in place will be fully customised.

Along with identifying the right channels for your company, we also audit any existing channels you might have, and optimise these to offer more value to consumers.

We’ll get to know your preferred target audience, which enables us to put a strategy in place with original, shareable content tailored for that audience – and to help grow it further.

Our social media management tools deliver scheduled social media posts to your audience at the right time.

Our Lancashire agency can also improve your online following further by adding targeted marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

When your audience speaks to you, we’ll help you to respond appropriately and foster a strong, positive relationship with them. When they feel heard and valued, customers often respond by acting as ambassadors for your brand.

We’ll monitor digital media channels to find out consumers are saying about your business. Our agency can use this information to help you shape future content that will encourage a positive response from your audience.

Our Social Campaign Structure.

Social media influences society…and consumers

Social Strategy

A social media strategy is intrinsically linked to your wider marketing and communications plan. The NK Digital Solutions team can work alongside you to create a focused, rock-solid strategy for your business, including creating a compelling content plan to guide and influence the direction, style and tone of your posts across different channels. We will also help you formulate a series of metrics and benchmarks to measure your success over time and help you make better informed, data-driven decisions.

Hands-on Management

Our talented team of content creators will generate bespoke stories for each appropriate social channel, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. These stories can also include carefully crafted promotions and competitions to incentivise social media following and direct sales. We also make use of the various scheduling tools available to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Social Advertising

One of our most popular services, our social media whizzes are a dab hand at managing slick and engaging advertising campaigns. We combine the creative ideas of our content creators with sharp copy and stunning designs to create adverts that generate buzz and maximise your return on investment. With buckets of experience using the social advertising tools available on the various platforms, we can amplify the organic reach of your posts to highly targeted audiences and prospects.


As part of our social media services, we provide regular monthly reports and conduct data-driven strategic review meetings. This enables us to analyse results, check implementation of any strategies where appropriate and plan future activity. Closely tracking the progress of our campaigns is key to continually improving the strategy and to provide our clients with tangible results.

Our Clients.

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked on website designs in Lancashire and around the UK with incredible clients across a very diverse range of industries. This has given us the opportunity to really stretch our imaginations into new creative spaces and then push our technical skills to enhance the user experience. This has resulted in beautiful, bespoke projects that perfectly and uniquely represent the business of each of our clients.

Other Services.

Web design and development need to perform seamlessly as two halves of a perfect whole for the benefit of both users and search engines. Our web development team brings your vision to life with the functionality that your website needs to attract your target audience.

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