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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I use NK Digital Solutions for my website?

Get it right the first time and you’ll save thousands in the long run. As a full-service digital agency we involve our team of experts every step of the way and are dedicated to creating outstanding websites – we have a 100% success rate and we’d like to keep it that way! We take care of everything, making your website experience an enjoyable, collaborative experience.

How much will a website cost?

A website is an investment in the future of your organisation and as such, requires a significant amount of time and effort, not to mention multiple experts collaborating to achieve one amazing end result. We provide bespoke proposals for every web project and complete a free website audit upfront which allows us to recommend website and marketing best practices for your organisation. As an average, you can expect a website to cost in the region of £10k, although we have worked on both smaller and much larger projects over the years! Why not use our website calculator to get an idea of how much yours will be?

How long does it take to create a website?

Great websites cannot be built overnight! To perform in search engines, offer a seamless user experience and deliver real results, you need patience! Although a website could take anywhere from 1 week to 1 year depending on its size and functionality, our proven process typically takes 10-12 weeks. Of course, this may vary project-to-project and is heavily dependent upon timely client feedback and supply of assets – in our experience, where a client chooses to supply their own content, the process doubles in time!

I don't have content or images for my new website, can you provide these?

Yes. Depending on your requirements, we can arrange an on-site photoshoot or we have multiple licenses for stock imagery that we can supply. We can also take a handle on your content writing and SEO – all we’ll need is a simple outline of key information to be displayed on each page and we’ll do the rest!

What platform do you use to build your websites?

We are proud to be a WordPress & Bespoke Development agency. We build all of our sites using a custom or WordPress platform as it is a very user friendly CMS System. We absolutely love the user experience it offers to both website visitors and editors because it offers a simple, clean and secure experience.

Will my website work across android and ios devices?

Absolutely! All of our websites are fully responsive and work across desktop, mobile, tablet, Android and iOS. We thoroughly test all of our websites before launch so you can be sure to receive a seamless experiences across devices and operating systems.

Can I make changes to my website myself?

Yes, your website will include the WordPress Content Manage System (CMS) which will enable you to update and edit the website’s content through a web-based admin panel. This will enable you to make content changes to text and images, as well as add additional dynamic pages such as new blog posts or job vacancies. WordPress offers a simple way to publish and manage website content without a technical understanding of programming, html or website development.

Can I track how well my website is performing?

Of course! We integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console into every website we build so that you can monitor its performance. It’s worth noting, however, that to make your awesome website perform well, you must be dedicated to your digital marketing to gain as much exposure as possible – we can’t just wave a magic wand and have you suddenly appear on the first page of Google.

Do you build ecommerce website?

Yes, WordPress, Shopify & Magento 2 supports ecommerce websites offering seamless integrations with payment providers such as Stripe to ensure your transactions are secure and reliable. There’s even the option to integrate drop-shipping so you can have payments, orders, packaging and shipping all sorted out behind the scenes – you just sit back and see the sale come through.

Do you offer support after my website has launched?

Yes. For a 2-week period after your website has launched, we’ll make any bug fixes we’ll jump in immediately and fix these completely free of charge. After this, all of our website packages include 10 hours of aftercare as standard to support on any tweaks or additions you may need post-launch. We track and monitor your aftercare block, provide time reports and let you know when you need to renew.

Can you help with my digital marketing?

We can indeed. We offer 3 marketing plans depending on the level of support you want or need.